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Thank you for visiting my website! I'm Kelsey, and I am a mother to two handsome, intelligent, stubborn, silly and loving little boys, age 4 and 9. They are my motivation and inspiration in life (naturally). They have encouraged me to get in touch with my inner child and have taught me more about myself than anything else.

I am very passionate about the earth and nature, I'm that person that will walk around the playground, beach or wherever I'm at and pick up all the garbage I can find. I constantly do what I can to be more environmentally friendly.  I enjoy hiking, camping, or doing anything that involves being outside! Just a little bit of fresh air does everything for me.


I love animals, especially dogs. We have our fur baby Stella, she's a pitty/lab mix, but we also think there might be some traces of seal and frog in there too. She is the most loyal creature and if you're not careful, she'll beat you to death with her tail. 

I admire art in every shape and form. I love to practice calligraphy, paint, color, and do other crafty things in my spare time (my own motherly forms of art, as you might say).


The greatest thing about being a photographer is having the opportunity to creatively capture a story. Everyone's story of life is different. Life is all about the tales we tell- and oh, what beautiful tales they can be.


One of the most important (and often looked over) factors in our personal stories, is time. Sadly, it is an element that cannot be taken back once it's passed. My passion for this business is ignited by the ability to pause time at the perfect second; whether it be when a mother receives that heart-melting embrace and kiss from her child, after a sweet whisper of encouraging words from husband to wife, or even during the most imperfect moments (us parents know all about those fun toddler melt-downs) because life isn't perfect and that's what brings color to our stories.


I want my clients to be able to look back on their photos and say "I remember this stage, look how small they were. I loved this moment! I can't believe this was us. Wasn't this yesterday? Where did the time go?" As someone who takes the greatest pleasure in reminiscing, I cannot even begin to express how much sentimental value pictures hold for me.. and in my art, this is truly what I strive to give to others.  To capture raw, beautiful and timeless moments that can take you back a few pages in life, because sometimes a photograph can tell a better story than we can.

Isn't it time you told your story?


Photo Credit: Casey Zinkel of K See Images

Photo Credit: Casey Zinkel of K See Images


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"Painting stories, one lovely little pixel at a time."

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